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Teaching the Skills That Matter

PD Program all diploma staff attended

View this article for more information:

Maine DOE Adult Education Team Hosts Showcase of First ‘Teaching the Skills That Matter’ Training Program


What is a Mainer?

Event, Speaker and Course Series

In this series we will be exploring what it means to be a Mainer. We will look at the stereotypes, workforce, education, food and other key pieces of Maine. Be on the lookout for more information!

With a wide spectrum of Academic Programs, Augusta Adult and Community Education (AACE) is sure to have learning for everyone. Each program is built with community in mind. Our programs are engaging and we provide an accepting and safe environment. 

AACE Academics focuses on the individual. We offer open enrollment, flexible scheduling and individualized instruction. Our teaching team and administrative staff are here to help you each step of the way. 

To become an AACE Learner you must complete the Onboarding and Orientation process. Give us a call and we will schedule you to come in for the initial assessments and intake paperwork. 

See updates from our Academic Team below and explore the listing of Academic Programs at AACE!


High School Completion

Completing High School will open many doors for you. AACE offers two high school completion pathways: High School Diploma and the HiSET® Credential.

Learning English

English Language Acquisition

Learning English will help you find a job, go to college and communicate with others. AACE offers a leveled English Language Acquisition program. These levels are from Entry - Advanced.


Community Enrichment

Community Enrichment is a program designed to engage the greater Kennebec County community members in new and creative activities. Community Enrichment Courses are courses designed by the community for by the community.


High School Diploma

Earn your diploma at your pace, with your interests in mind. AACE offers a standards and interest based diploma program. 22 Credits are required to graduate.


College Transitions

AACE College Transitions teachers will work with you to prepare for college, and to be successful once you’re there. We will help you get comfortable with all the ins and outs of college!


Academic and Career Advising

Academic Advising is the ongoing process of clarifying and re-evaluating academic/career goals and plans. Learners will examine their personal, educational, and career goals, and understand how their time at AACE fits into their goals for the future.


HiSET Credential

HiSET Credential is a test based high school equivalency. You must pass five subject area tests: reading, writing, science, social studies, and math. component.


Workforce Training

AACE offers Online and In-Person learning opportunities for Workforce Training. Popular options include; substitute teaching, patient service representative, and retail certifications.


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