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High School Diploma

For many adult learners, the high school diploma pathway is their best option. Some people only need a handful of credits to graduate. Some people want to work on building their skills as they move from high school to workforce training or to college. People choose the diploma pathway for these and other reasons. Our diploma program is standards-based. That means that, rather than focus on how much time you spend in the classroom, we can focus on whether you have the skills and knowledge that you will need to be successful. Our program focuses on proficiency rather than grades. Our academic team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our diploma program!

Subjects Include

Advising (1 Credit) | Instructor: Tekia Cox, Academic and Career Advisor

Math (2 Credits) | Instructor: Elizabeth Johnson

English (4 Credits) | Instructor: Tracy Weber

Science (1 Credit) | Instructor: Elizabeth Johnson

Lab Science (1 Credit) |Instructor: Elizabeth Johnson

Fine Art (1 Credit) | Instructor: Elizabeth Johnson

Digital Literacy (1 Credit) | Instructor: Kenlyn Clark

Personal Finance (1 Credit) | Instructor: Kenlyn Clark

US History (1 Credit) | Instructor: Kenlyn Clark

Government (1 Credit) | Instructor: Mike Emery

Civics (1 Credit) | Instructor: Mike Emery

Electives (7 Credits) | All Instructors

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